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NBA Live Mobile -  Don't Forget to Complete These Tip-Off Live Events and Sets 

Tip-Off Spotlight is a new type of live events added to NBA Live Mobile to celebrate the NBA Tip-Off. Players complete the live events to get items that will then be used to complete sets. There are 10 types of live events challenges. Each one features a different NBA team. 
A Tip-Off Spotlight live event is a series of 12 challenges. For example, the first challenge from the Tip-Off Spotlight: Timberwolves live event requires players to complete a scramble challenge. It costs five stamina to play it. The rewards are 25 XP, 150 coins (out of which 100 coins are awarded for the first win), and a Tip-Off collectible. This first challenge is an easy way to farm collectibles as each win grants such an item. Players will complete challenges in a progressive manner. The second challenge is unlocked after completing the first one, the third after winning the second, and so on. There are 12 challenges in total. Each challenge rewards players with one collectible but the number of coins and XP increases as challenges get more difficult. Players also get bonus coins the first time they complete a challenge. The eleventh challenge rewards players with 1,600 coins, 250 XP, and one collectible. Challenge number 12 costs five stamina and rewards players with a Cornucopia pack. This pack contains one player from any of the following programs: NBA Awards, Playoffs, NBA Finals, Winter, All-Stars or Mobile Madness. The pack will also include four players of gold quality or better. 
Two types of Tip-Off sets are available. Both sets can be completed as many times as players wish. The Tip-Off set requires one collectible item from each of the teams featured in the Tip-Off live events or packs. The reward for completing this set is a Kings of the Court pack. The Tip-Off Exchange set allows players to swap any three Tip-Off collectibles for one random Tip-Off collectible.  
This is a small guide to help you complete  Tip-Off Live Events and Sets in NBA Live Mobile. Next time, we will start to offer tips of how to get Google Play Card free online. Stay tuned if you are interested in this topic. 

NBA 2K18 – Keep Cool and Win Matches With Ice Cold MyTeam Players
Ice Cold is an NBA 2K18 MyTeam collection of players such as Mario Elie, Chris Webber, and Rajon Rondo who are known for awesome late game performances. 
Adding new collections to NBA 2K18 MyTeam is one way of maintaining players' interest in their favorite mode. Those in charge of this feature are constantly looking for diverse themes and think of new ways to mix the cards. One of the newest additions is called Ice Cold. One might think that the theme is chosen because of the cold season and this is partly true. Ice Cold also refers to keeping cool. Players in this collection are those whose late game performances change the odds and turn the course of the match. Some of the most famous matches in basketball history were won thanks to players who didn't get discouraged and displayed excellent control under pressure until the last second. NBA 2K18 players now have the chance to collect some of these players and incorporate the cards into their teams.  
Sapphire, ruby, amethyst, and diamond players are part of the Ice Cold set. Zach Lavine, Mario Elie, and Larry Sanders are the sapphire players. Zach Levine plays for Minnesota Timberwolves. His best stats are athleticism and dunking. Mario Elie from the Houston Rockets is a great all-purpose card. Sanders from the Milwaukee Bucks has good rebound and block. Four ruby cards are part of this collection. Players will open packs and among other cards will obtain Gerald Wallace, Quentin Richardson, Carmelo Anthony, and Chris Webber. Carmelo Anthony represents the New York Knicks. He has good scoring. Webber is part of the Washington Wizards. Three amethyst cards can be acquired. Drazen Petrovic is a good scorer. Rajon Rondo has playmaking and defense as his best stats. Ben Wallace's best attributes are athleticism and dunking. The diamond cards of this set are Bob Pettit and Scottie Pippen. Pettit is a player from the Atlanta Hawks. His best stats are rebound and scoring. Players who get this card can rest assured as they've obtained the best NBA 2K18 MT Pettit card. Scottie Pippen from the Chicago Bulls is a player that hardly needs any introduction. He is good for offense but also for defense. This card is collected when players have acquired all other cards in the Ice Cold set.  
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